E R A D U R A  is a one woman embroidery show crafted, designed and hand stitched in Philadelphia by Erika Duran.

 Growing up in West Texas instilled a deep rooted love of everything the desert offered -- bleached sands and blushing skies and a midday sun so bright you'd never believe it could sink into night. Desert imagery isn't so much my inspiration as it is what comes tumbling out of me naturally. It's the language that I know.

Coupled with my (somewhat) superstitious nature, I often find these desert elements intertwined with symbols of luck and chance like little emblems and reminders of fate. The name of my shop itself comes from the melding of my name and herradura (Spanish for horseshoe) -- a token of luck that I took for my own.

For a glimpse into my making process and daily life, follow along with me:


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 Homepage quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book, The Little Prince 

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