Tattoo Commissions

Eradura Hand Embroidered Goods Dog & Lasso Illustration by Erika Duran

If you are interested in getting one of my existing designs tattooed, please submit a request with the design you have in mind by email to Most designs are available for tattoo, but a few custom and one of a kind pieces are special for their recipients and out of respect I ask that those not be tattooed. 

If approved, my fee for use of existing work is $30/design. I ask that I be tagged/credited for the design in posts and also would love to see photos of the finished piece!

Additionally, I occasionally take custom tattoo projects. If interested, please check availability by email and I can provide pricing and additional information.

Finally, please note that this commission fee does not entitle the buyer to rights to the design and designs are not available for any other purpose than their intended personal use for tattoo. Any illustration or design created by Eradura Hand Embroidered Goods cannot be reproduced or sold.



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